A Glimpse Into My Perspective of High School

Mar 5th, 2018

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A Glimpse Into My Perspective of High School

The first day of a new school year is always exciting for me, and I carry that enthusiasm with me throughout the year by participating in clubs, expanding my group of friends, and taking classes that are interesting and push me. At Ronald Reagan High School, many different clubs are available to join and specific classes can be chosen based on your interests. Before I moved to San Antonio, I had never heard of classes like Medical Terminology or Principles of Health Science. Lucky for me, because my school is part of NEISD I get to choose an endorsement; I chose the health science endorsement because I aspire to become a doctor one day. So far in my high school career I have taken Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, Child Development, and currently Anatomy and Physiology. I have a lot of fun in these classes, and in addition they have opened up opportunities for me to gain experience in the medical field.

Sometimes these classes are hard to follow, but it helps to make friends in each class and form study groups. One day, students will be focused on note taking while the teacher discusses long- term potentiation in the nervous system, and the next day the whole class will share a laugh over the silliest thing. High School is about a good balance between work and play; I find my friends to be an essential part of that equation, and it helps to have friends who share similar interests and who understand me. I especially enjoy spending time with my friends when we all volunteer in the medical field together.

My friends and I got the chance to expand our experience outside the classroom by volunteering all summer at Methodist Stone Oak Hospital. While volunteering at Methodist, I learned that everyone deals with stress and pain differently, and providing care for others creates a sense of satisfaction and passion in return. I can definitely say that the summer I spent mostly at the hospital was incredible and such a great learning experience.

San Antonio is such a great city, and I have come to love it as if I were born here myself. When I moved here, I was amazed by the landscape and the Riverwalk. As I met more people, I noticed that they all shared two common characteristics: they took pride in their city, and they were friendly to newcomers. Attending a large high school, and being a part of many clubs and organizations has allowed me to meet many students my age who share similar interests. While San Antonio has become one of my favorite cities, I do see one area for improvement.

A challenge that I see is the lack of student participation in community service activities. This is unfortunate because many students are looking for opportunities to serve, yet are unaware of many organizations that are in desperate need of support. As a San Antonio Youth Commissioner representing District 9, I work with 20 other commissioners to organize and volunteer at community service events that introduce students from across San Antonio with organizations that offer student volunteer opportunities, year round. After high school, I would like to continue addressing similar challenges in my community by networking with other community leaders. Together, we can educate students about the benefits of community service and help them connect with organizations in need.

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