What SAYC Has Meant To Me

Mar 31st, 2017

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What SAYC Has Meant To Me

San Antonio Youth Commission has been an important part of my life because it has played a key role in my leadership skills. SAYC is a commission, where twenty-two high school students, two being from each district of the city and a mayoral position. The commissioner and I were all voted in by our council members. The commissioner and I work together to create and participate in service projects and different ways to help and build our city and our own districts. I got the lucky opportunity to be a part of District Two under Councilman Alan Warrick III. SAYC has brought new and exciting changes to my life. Being a part of SAYC has opened my horizon to the greatest adventures. I love every minute of being in SAYC, everything about it has been amazing. The people, places, and experiences that I have had has never ceased to amaze me.

The first day of me being apart the SAYC went to Enchanted Rock for a bond experience and I had the time of my life. All the memories of the past year of being apart of being SAYC were my favorite. We had so many great ideas and plans that we did. My favorite event I did with SAYC was Elf Louise. Elf Louise is an organization that gathers toys and delivers them to families in poverty during the holiday season. I got to be an Elf Louise last year. We did multiple parts such as delivering and donating toys. Our liaison Adam came dressed up as the Elf from the movies and made all of us laugh. Some of the boys can dressed up as Santa and us girls dress in elf hats. My favorite part of the night was when we ran into a group of little children caroling and that were so happy to see Santa and sang for him as loud as they could and we gave then the remainder of the gift we had. It one of the funniest service projects we did.

I am super grateful for all the people and things I have gotten to do with SAYC. I highly encourage that if anyone ever wants their child to be exposed to new ideas and way of thinking I suggest you engage them into SAYC. SAYC has helped me build my leadership skills and help with my social skills. This program is the one of thing that has influenced me to be the best person I can be.

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